I’m jimi izrael, MFA. I dropped out of high school and struggled through undergrad, but I eventually figured it out, kinda. We all do . . . right?

Professionally, I write, for close to fifteen years. Books. Essays. Screenplays. Speeches. I ghost write occasionally. The film adaptation of my book is in development by an A-list Hollywood director/producer.

So I got THAT going for me.

I teach currently at Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College, where I am the Artist in Residence, a tremendous privilege that is humbling, embarrassing and gratifying all at once. I was a Presidential Fellow at Case Western Reserve University, where I taught a couple seminars for a number of years.

I win awards for editing, investigative and consumer reporting but I am mainly paid to give my opinion for some of your favorite media outlets. 

I am a National Public Radio contributor for ten years plus in some form, most recently as the co-moderator for "The Barbershop" segment ofNPR's “Tell Me More with Michel Martin,” during its entire 7-year run. I appear occasionally in its current iteration on "All Things Consider Weekend," also hosted by Michel Martin (#loyalty). I contribute commentary, appearances and such to CNN, CSPAN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, BBC, Current TV, ABC's "Nightline" and a few other radio and cable outfits as the mood strikes me. Also, I am the Harvey Pekar Scholar and I love telling the story of my friend and mentor. I have acquired other accolades, credentials and stuff that, in aggregate, may be interesting but of little consequence. I take myself just seriously enough, though.

Personally, I am a father and widower who loves a good story.

I don't have a searchable Facebook presence, but there is a jimi izrael Facebook fan-page I monitor and program sometimes. I am not the principal curator there. I have a Twitter account that I don't use much. You probably should not post any personal messages there or anywhere, if you expect me to answer.  The best ways to contact me s by email at jimiizrael at gmail dot com and by phone at two one six, two three six, three nine seven five. I generally answer all my own calls, email and such. That's right -- you can call me, if you want.

I lecture on hip-hop culture, popular media, film, journalism and stuff.

I will do a FAQ, but in the meantime, just ask.