"blue steel"



I’m jimi izrael, MFA. I dropped out of high school and struggled through undergrad, but I eventually figured it out, kinda. We all do.

Professionally, I write, for close to fifteen years. Books. Essays. Screenplays. Speeches. I ghost write occasionally. There is more on-deck, e.g "MurderMouse: Mutant/Student/Killer-for-Hire," "#Popcorn" and #conversationforadults. Also, the film adaptation of my book is in development by an A-list Hollywood director/producer.

So I got THAT going for me.

I teach at Cleveland State University, Lakeland Community College and Cuyahoga Community College, where I am the Artist in Residence, a tremendous privilege that is humbling, embarrassing and gratifying all at once. I am a Presidential Fellow at Case Western Reserve University, where I teach a couple seminars. I stay busy-ish.

I win awards for editing, investigative and  consumer reporting. But it is safe to say that, despite my other chops, I am mainly paid to give my opinion. I write for some of your favorite media outlets. 

I am a National Public Radio contributor for  ten years in some form, most recently as the co-moderator for "The Barbershop" segment of  NPR's “Tell Me More with Michel Martin,” during its entire 7-year run. I contribute commentary, appearances and such to CNN, CSPAN, Fox News, Al Jazeera, BBC, Current TV, ABC's "Nightline" and a few other radio and cable outfits. Also, I am the Harvey Pekar Scholar. I have other accolades, credentials and stuff that, in aggregate, are interesting but of little consequence.

I take myself just seriously enough, though.

Personally, I am a father and widower who loves a good story.

I don't have a searchable Facebook presence intentionally, but there is a jimi izrael Facebook fan-page I monitor and program sometimes. I am not the principal curator there. I have a Twitter account that I don't use much. You probably should not post any personal messages there or anywhere, if you expect me to answer.  The best ways to contact jimi izrael are by email at jimiizrael at gmail dot com and by phone at two one six, two three six, three nine seven five. I generally answer all my own calls, email and such. That's right -- you can call me, if you want.

I lecture on hip-hop culture, popular media, film, journalism and stuff.

I will do a FAQ, but in the meantime, just ask.