IDK (TL:DR) -- Dr. Boyce Watkins Is Not A Plagiarist



If I understand the problem, Anonymous Blogger (aka “WYMS.” Seriously.) from (“Brought to You By ‘Why You Mad Son Entertainment’”) is angry with Boyce Money over at (“Where Liberals Meets Blackness,” if you were wondering) for cribbing an article that the Anonymous Blogger recycled and cribbed, except Boyce Money chose not to attribute or re-season it with new copy — just a cut and paste.


I have no dog in this race — Boyce Money is a good dude I respect  -- I think he has slagged on me and/or my work at least once. >shrugs<  And I have no respect for anonymous blog writers hiding behind thoughtful pseudonyms like “Why You Mad Son” at all. No. Nope. Won’t do it. You gonna write and wolf, represent, I say. I don't care about either of these dudes, but the craft of writing, I respect. Plagiarism sucks and right is right  — but let the record show clearly though, there is no case for plagiarism here.

WYMS is trading in trolling as old as the Internet itself — Google-bomb someone well-known and written with an ad-hominem attack and build an audience from the dregs of your target’s detractors of which there will be plenty. You can raise your profile pretty good with this tactic, whether you have a point, whether you are right or not. A little outrage and a lot of prolix goes a long way on the Internets.

I’d be sympathetic to this Anonymous Blogger Dude if we were talking about something he actually authored himself, not some foolishness he poached from a malt liquor ad or some chain email floating through the Dark-Man's Ether. Yeah. I got nothing on that. So Dude is wrong on that count. But everyone is doing it, so >shrugs<. Few people write anything worth a damn on the Internet, and few even try. We all can’t be actual writers. Some of us just stand behind pseudonyms and lob shots and accusations at people stealing copy we stole from someone else, without giving props to who stole it first. I mean, last. Because that brand of ridiculous argument makes sense. On the Internets.

Also, content stealing is standard ops in the shadowy world of the Black Grief and Outrage Ghetto of The Internets.  In the BGOGTI, people pilfer blogs, bathroom stalls, tweets, fortune cookies and all kinds of craziness to get copy. They curate it properly, by giving attribution.

To recap, “Why You Mad Son” lifted copy from someone else, reheated it with a little of his own copy, posted it to, then Boyce Money or one of his cronies re-posted that stuff on Both parties are wrong, but I think they both win because everyone on the Internets loves a fight, so this will draw traffic to two sites no one -- I mean no one -- had heard of heretofore.

But with the cowardly Google-bomb, WYMS wins the Internets.

Why I am writing about this?