When Theo Huxtable Gets Shot (on Michael Dunn Verdict)


You aren't Black and male in America if people are not afraid of you — this is a fact smart people don’t refute. We are Thugs, the Exquisite Monsters trapped in a pop-culture paradox old as America itself:  Let Us Own You. Let us Love You. Let us Taste You.

Let Us Kill You Now.

(“You are your best, safest beast in a box or bag or casket of some sort.”)

If we are to survive, people need an icon of safe black maleness they can relate to. If you wear a hoodie or play loud music, even thoughtful white people will have no doubt as to why you got shot. 

Early in, Gus was the face of black maleness and the wrongly(?) accused. Small wonder lynching became a national pastime. Those ideas still persist in the absence of the soft, accommodating face of assimilation and respectability. W.E. Parks. King. Gates. Obama. Yep.

We need to go younger.


America needs a young portrait of Black American Exceptionalism for perspective, to get some legislation churning, to die for Trayvon Martin's sin of being free and unbowed -- someone black, not Black. The face of Middle-Class Aspiration has be wearing Dockers, drinking a Yoo-Hoo and shot hard in the face on his way home from Lacrosse practice. Yes -- Theo Huxtable must die, because he is black, not Black. The juries will convict, the laws will pass. Because America loves black people.

You mad because juries are slow to find a murder charge when Cockroach gets shot, never understanding that Cockroach -- young, Black, male -- has it coming. He always does.

He always did.